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Hello, everyone, Thanks for VISITING ON “About Us Page at http://www.meridileshayari.in The motive of this website is that to provide the best and heart touching Hindi /Urdu Shayari’s for every occasion and emotional moments of the life. there are many categories like Akelapan, Shayari, Armaan, Shayari, Dard Shayari, Dua, Shayari, Ehsaas, Shayari, FourlineShayari, Intzaarshayari, Ishqshayari, Jazbaat, Shayari, Junoon, Shayari, Paigaam, Shayari, Pyaar, Shayari, Sukun Shayari, Three Line Shayari, Two-line Shayari and many more. Thank you so much for visiting our website